Barn Condition Report

Is a barn conversion even possible?!

Is my barn structurally sound?

What will it cost?

Who can do the construction work?

That's exactly what the Barn Condition Report was designed to answer. No more late nights on google! By thoroughly assessing your structure, our architect-engineer team clarifies the feasibility, costs and process to transform your aging barn into a new vision! 

    3D CAD model of a timber frame

    What does the Barn Condition Report include?
    Starting at $800.00‚Äč

      • A site visit with an engineer
      • A structural report outlining the deficiencies and how to solve them
      • Provides historic facts and features of your barn
      • Barn conversion challenges and decisions to be made
      • Recommendations, options, and/or solutions to your barn conversion
      • Presentation and Q&A session with an architect

    Optional and Popular Add-ons include: Building Code Review, an Authorities Review, a Statement of Probable Costs, and 

    3D/CAD Documentation of the existing barn frame


    We promise the Barn Condition Report will..

    - Answer what it is going to take to convert your barn

    - Give you solutions to major roadblocks towards your barn conversion

    - Answers to all of  your conversion questions

    -  Confidence and certainty on your next steps

    Get yours now!

    What our Clients have said about the Barn Condition Report

    VELD architect exceeded all our expectations. She gave us hope that we were on the right track to restore our barn not only for us and our business but for future generations - Eleanor McGrath, Springfield Farms