Don't have a building project yet, but know you need some advice? That's okay. 
We want to help you improve your site and property as well through master planning. With an eye to the future, 
we can master plan with you or give you the tools to create your master plan with our AgVisioning Service.

The Veld architect AgVisioning Service includes a toolkit to help you and your family plan your farm together 
for the next year, five years, and beyond. 

We understand that you might want to discover what is possible for your site and business before engaging with an architect. 
We want to empower you to be the designer of your farm by giving you the tools and knowledge we use to help our clients. 

    What does the AgVisioning Service include?

        • A site visit with a qualified team member (virtual or in-person visit)
        • Tools to take inventory and stock of the existing conditions of the farm
        • A checklist for current space and functional needs and future needs
        • Our proven storage calculator to help confirm your exact needs
        • A site analysis to evaluate strengths and weaknesses
        • Scaled,large format aerial photos of your farm
        • Master Plan tool-kit (pictured to the left)

    We promise AgVisioning will

    - Get your family on the same page -

    - Give you a moment to step back and take stock -

    - Give you direction for at least the next few years for your farm -

    - Help you look at your farm from a different perspective -

    Get yours now!

    What our Clients have said about the AgVisioning Service:

    Was it clear on how to use it?

    Yes, most definitely! The instructions on the smaller map are very helpful… particularly the ‘reminders’ that we can write on it with non-permanent markers, AND the idea to snap a photo of each different configuration we may come up with. (Simple ideas…but ones that may not automatically come to mind for all right away!)


    Do you feel confident to prepare some master plans for your farm?

    The Kit will be instrumental in helping us sort through different options…and in the end, choose the best option for us.


    With the next generation seriously considering a career here on the farm, it feels like we are just at that 'threshold' point of making some significant decisions for the business.
    Now having the ideas, and the tools to systematically evaluate the many options in front of us couldn't have come at a better time!

    VELD is a rare gem!!

    It's not every day that as farmers, we're able to hire a supporting business that possesses a skill set and repertoire SPECIFIC to agriculture.
    Working with firms who 'get' farming and all of the idiosyncrasies which make it different from so many other businesses, is a delight!


    That’s one of the many things that impressed us… you’ve thought of EVERYTHING!! …right down to the sticky-tack!!

     - Miller's Bay Farm